The INOVA HIGHTECH MEP 831x Autostarter Kit is a great add on for your MEP Generator Set. It will allow remote start with the flip off a switch oit can be connected to an Automatic Transfer Switch.

Installation / Operating Manual MEP 831x:

The MEP 831x  Autostarter has the following features which can be set with the DIP Switch on the Board:

DIP Switch 1:   Regular Fuel / Aux Fuel
DIP Switch 2:   Warm Up Time 1 min or 5 min (This is the time delay before the Relay "Power On" is activated. This Relay switches the Control Voltage to the Sinle Phase Contactor K1 "On" and connect the LOAD to the Generator)
DIP Switch 3:   Cool Down 2 min, 6 min or 10 min (This is the time delay after the Relay "Power On" is disengaged, shutting off the Control Voltage to the Single Phase Contactor K1 removing the LOAD from the Generator and therefor allowing the unit to cool down)
DIP Switch 4:   Pre Heat Time determined by ambient air temperature or fixed time (See table below)
DIP Switch 5:   Pre Heat Time 15 sec or 45 sec [if DIP Switch 4 is set to fixed time] ( This setting is for the case that the Generator is operated in a controlled environment i.e. Building, Garage etc)

The Autostarter will automatically shut down and display a light indicator in the event of a Oil Pressure or Overheat situation, preventing the Generator Set from automatically restarting. The Autostarter can easily be reset, once the issues of leading to Low Oil Pressure  or Overheat situation have been fixed.

The installation is not very difficult for the do it your self-er.
The MEP 831x Autostarter KIT includes:

1. MEP 831x Autostarter Circuit Board
2. MIL-I-46058C Conformal Coating
3. Drill / Mounting Templates
4. Detailed Installation Manual
5. 24 feet 16ga standard multi stranded SXL wire, strong resistance to moisture, solvents and prolonged high heat -
    Thick wall special purpose automotive wire is insulated with chemically cross-linked polyethylene. Withstands prolonged temperatures of up to 257°F
6. Mounting Hardware [Stainless Steel Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws #6-32x0.75", Stainless Steel #6-32 Nuts as Spacers, Stainless Steel #6-32 K-Lock Nut's]
7. 2pcs Diode 1N5408
8. DIN Rail Mountable Relais with 3" long DIN Rail, Socket, Holding Clips and Relais, screw terminals 24VDC Coil
9. Crimp On Ring Lugs
10. A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
11. 1 Year Limited Warranty




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Auto / Remote Starter Kit for Generator MEP 831x

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