Time Delay OFF Relay Kit " K ext. " MEP 8xx

Time Delay OFF Relay Kit " K ext. " MEP 8xx
Time Delay OFF Relay Kit " K ext. " MEP 8xx Time Delay OFF Relay Kit " K ext. " MEP 8xx
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Time Delay OFF Relay - for MEP 8xx Series or any other use where a 24 VDC Time Delay Off Relay is needed. This Relay Kit disconnects the self holding Contact K1 - 11 and K1 - 12 of the K1 Contactor during Automatic Operationes when the Generator enters the cool down phase

This Relay Kit is needed to disable the Self Holding Contact K1 - 11 and K1 - 12 of the K1 Contactor. This is an optional Kit and should be purchased if you need to have Contactor K1 turn off during the cool down phase.

This Relay is a more economically priced solution for a Standard Timed Relay and is mechanically more rugged.

This Relay K ext. Kit can also be used if it becomes necessary to delay a switching function between two Relays or contactors.


Contact Rating:
Load Resistive Load (cosϕ = 1) Inductive load (cosϕ = 0.4,L/R = 7 ms)
Rated Load

110 VAC 10 A

24 VDC 10 A

110 VAC 7.5 A

24 VDC 5 A

Rated Carry Current 10 A 10 A

Max. switching


250 VAC

125 VDC

250 VAC

125 VDC

Max. switching current

10 A 10 A

Max. switching


1,100 VA

240 W

825 VA

120 W

Failure rate (reference value)*

100 mA, 5 VDC 100 mA, 5 VDC
*Note: P level: λ60 = 0.1 x 10-6/operation

D1: 3 Amp General Purpose Diode

D2: 3 Amp General Purpose Diode

Cx: Electrolytic Capacitor ( Values see table below )

K ext.: Industrial Grade Relay 24 VDC Panel Mount - DIN RAIL MOUNT is not available for this Relay

Cx Capacitor Value

DC 24 Volt (Normal Battery Voltage)

DC 27 Volt (Alternator Voltage)

4,700 uF / 50V (standard)

4.0 sec

6.5 sec

6,800 uF / 50V (upon request)

6.0 sec

9.0 sec

10,000 uF / 50V (upon request)

8.0 sec

12 sec

15,000 uF / 50V (upon request)

12 sec

18 sec

The Capacitor Cx will keep the Relay K ext. energized for the amount of time specified in the table above after Terminal 2 has been turned off. Diode D prevents a back feeding from the capacitor into the circuit connected to Terminal 2.

This circuit will only work properly with a positive supply on Terminal 4!



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