NSN 5905-00-6178-016 Pot 10KOhm 2W 10% WIRE LINEAR CLAROSTAT NOS

NSN 5905-00-6178-016 Pot 10KOhm 2W 10% WIRE LINEAR CLAROSTAT NOS
NSN 5905-00-6178-016 Pot 10KOhm 2W 10% WIRE LINEAR CLAROSTAT NOS
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NSN 5905-00-6178-016

MFG P/N:    RA20NASD103A
NSN:           5905006178016
FSC:           5905 - Resistors
DEMIL:       A

Shaft length:  0.844 inches minimum and 0.906 inches maximum
Shaft diameter: 0.248 inches minimum and 0.251 inches maximum
Mounting bushing length: 0.375 inches nominal
Terminal location: radially positioned over less than half the circumference
Electrical resistance per section: 10.000 kilohms single section
Non-definitive government spec/std reference: milr19-2
Body style: 1b cylindrical bushing mounted
Actuator type: single shaft
Terminal type and quantity: 3 tab, solder lug
Shaft style: 3c round, slotted
Iii overall diameter: 1.750 inches nominal
Resistance tolerance per section in percent: -10.0 to 10.0 single section
Rotary actuator travel in angular deg: 290.0 minimum and 305.0 maximum
Spec/std controlling data:  
Body diameter: 1.100 inches minimum and 1.310 inches maximum
Power dissipation rating per section in watts: 2.0 free air single section
Reliability indicator: not established
Specification/standard data: 81349-mil-r-19/2 government specification
Actuator travel control feature: stops
Manufacturers code: 81349
Mounting method: standard bushing
Standard taper curve per section: a single section
Screw thread diameter: 0.375 inches nominal
Screw thread quantity per inch: 32.0
Definitive government spec/std reference: ra20nasd103a
Ambient temp in deg celsius per section at full rated power: 40.0 single section
Screw thread series designator: unef
Test data document: 81349-mil-r-19 specification
Nonturn device radius: 0.516 inches minimum and 0.546 inches maximum
Body length: 0.620 inches nominal
Ambient temp in deg celsius per section at zero percent rated power: 105.0 single section
Nonturn device location: at 9 oclock
Section quantity: 1
Effective electrical rotation in deg angular rotation: 290.0 minimum and 305.0 maximum

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